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A large table cloth featuring the painting Leaves Over Country by Billyara. This cotton/polyester tablecloth measures 115cm x 160cm. The table cloth is machine washable in cold water.


Artwork information: “Leaves over Country is a painting based on a conversation I had with an Elder many years ago about how all things on Earth are living. Leaves in Aboriginal culture have many meanings and purposes for our people. They are used when we are sick to heal wounds and for smoking ceremonies, to cleanse a person or area. For shelter when we need protection from the elements and for fire to keep us warm. To cleanse the air we breathe and to provide food for animals and people. Not only do leaves have purpose when they are living and connected to trees, they also have purpose when they have disconnected from their branches and have blown along in the wind. Leaves protect the soil from drying out and when they decay they enrich the soil with nutrients for future flora and fauna to thrive. This painting shows a journey from one waterhole to another, across country and past sacred grounds where traditions and knowledge have been passed on. Like the leaf, we once swept over country having many purposes and living as one with nature, enriching our environment for our future generations to thrive.”


Product Code LIJ023

Leaves Over Country Table Cloth – 115x160cm

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