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Caring for Country

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A spectacular new outdoor furniture range.

Creating places for people to connect and providing schools, colleges, parks, resorts, restaurants, shopping centres, airports, community spaces and other venues with a wonderful resource to enjoy, learn and explore Indigenous art and culture.


Featuring breathtaking art by award-winning Indigenous artist Brett Parker, Billyara, the Caring for Country range celebrates rich Indigenous history and culture.

The Caring for Country range consists of a contemporary-style outdoor setting, bench seat with backrest and bin enclosure with more products on the way. All are made from premium quality aluminium, with a beautiful woodgrain finish. that provides an amazing medium to Brett’s art.

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“Caring for Country” was the theme chosen by Brett to represent through his art. This concept explores the sustainable land management practices that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples undertake, and the key role these practices play in continuing their culture.

Brett is from the Wiradjuri tribe, Murrumbidgee River people. He is an award-winning Indigenous artist with a strong passion for teaching Indigenous art, culture and history and has been working as an artist and educator in schools and organisations for over 30 years.

Brett first met Felton Industries around 18 months ago and was keen to be part of their exciting new project. He soon began working with Felton and creating his spectacular artworks. Showcasing incredible detail and beauty, Brett’s artworks tell wonderful Indigenous stories that are the heart and soul of the Caring for Country range.

Scan QR Code to Watch the Story Behind the Art

On each of the outdoor furniture items, is a unique QR code which when scanned allows students to watch a video of Brett discussing how he created the artwork, the story and the meaning of each. The videos can be used by schools as a learning aid for Indigenous history and culture, a starting point for students to discuss or develop their own artwork and stories, an educational window to discuss rich Indigenous history, reconciliation, respect and recognition.

For other venues the Caring for Country range creates areas to celebrate, respect and connect with Indigenous culture and history and learn more about the artwork in front of them and the importance of land management practices.

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