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These cushion covers are made from polyester velvet. Each pillow cover measures 50cm x 50cm. Covers are machine washable in cold water. The insert is not included and is sold separately.


Billyara describes this series as “The Songline series is a series of paintings that shows our connection to everything. Songlines are our education, they teach us about things like bush tucker, country and animal tracks and ceremonies.”


He describes the Country and Animal Tracks painting as follows “The red earth across the land has imprints of animal tracks which shows hunters which way they travel. Often leading to water holes, groups of men would follow certain signs that would lead them to their catch. Young boys would learn from an early age how to make the tools and weapons needed to be able to provide for their tribe. They would also learn from the elders how to hunt certain animals and this is passed down once they become men.


Product Code LIJ038P

Country & Animal Tracks Songline Cushion Cover

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