A set of 3 Aboriginal cushions featuring artworks by Billyara. These Aboriginal cushions feature the Songlines range of artworks. Billyara describes this series as “The Songline series is a series of paintings that shows our connection to everything. Songlines are our education, they teach us about things like bush tucker, country and animal tracks and ceremonies.”


These cushions feature removable, polyester velvet covers and thickly padded inserts. pillows measure 50cm x 50cm. Covers are machine washable in cold water.


Billyara explains his inspiration for the Bush Tucker cushion as follows “As seasons change the variety of bush tucker available across the land also changes. The summer months bring a burst of citrus fruits, finger limes, bush passionfruit and bush tomatoes. The warmer months also bring grass fires where their seeds would be spread and the land regenerated.”


He describes the Country and Animal Tracks painting as follows “The red earth across the land has imprints of animal tracks which shows hunters which way they travel. Often leading to water holes, groups of men would follow certain signs that would lead them to their catch. Young boys would learn from an early age how to make the tools and weapons needed to be able to provide for their tribe. They would also learn from the elders how to hunt certain animals and this is passed down once they become men.


Billyara describes the Ceremonies painting as “Ceremonial grounds are distinctive areas where certain ceremonies take place. Women and men have different sites for their business and the tribe also has common grounds for group ceremonies. Certain landscapes feature and rock art, carved trees and rocks with symbols show these areas and each member of the tribe and visitors to that country could be warned about the area and if it was appropriate to visit.”


These cushions have been treated with an anti microbial product from Fresche Bioscience. This antimicrobial treatment scan kill up to 99.9% of odour causing bacteria. It can also help to prevent the formation of harmful biofilms, and helps to prevent infestation of dust mites. This new anti-microbial treatment also inhibits the growth of mould, mildew and fungus in these sheets. This treatment does wear away over time with washing, and so it does not last forever. This time will depend on how often the cushion covers are washed and how they are washed and dried.


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Songline Indigenous Cushions – Set of 3

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