A beautiful floor mat depicting the regeneration of the land from an Aboriginal perspective. The artwork by Billyara depicts how the land regenerates itself through fire and shows rebirth of growth. A very soft floor mat that features a non-slip backing and an EVA foam padding. The cover is made from a soft polyester velvet and features a black fringe. The rug measures 150cm in diameter.


The carpet’s artwork is called ‘Regenerating Resources’. Billyara describes this artwork as follows: All over Australia we are surrounded by a unique range of trees, plants and flowers that have been an important part of Aboriginal culture and survival practices for thousands of years. The Indigenous peoples knowledge of flora and fauna gave them resources from their surrounds that could be used for a source of food, medicines, dyes, weapons, jewellery, weaving and many more uses. In certain times of seasons things would flower and the people would know when it was time for ceremony. In areas of country precision back burning was applied where the fire created had lots of benefits with the rebirth of growth and vegetation. Another benefit from back burning was to stop bush fires getting out of control that may have been started from lightning.


Aboriginal people have used the term Cultural burn, cool burn (done in the cooler weather to easily control), while back burning is a more common term used throughout Australia. Over the past few years the traditional practices and terminology are being restored.


Product Code LIJ2066

Regeneration Soft Memory Foam Carpet – 150cm diameter