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Welcome to Country mat

This Aboriginal floor mat is made from 100% recycled plastic. This beautiful and colourful mat features the artwork “Welcome to Country” by Billyara. This artwork represents a smoking ceremony,
and includes the different leaves used in the ceremony. This double sided Aboriginal floor mat measures 180cm in diameter, and each side features the reverse colour way. This environmentally
friendly mat can be used both indoors and outdoors, but we recommend to use with a non-slip mat underneath when used on hard flooring (sold separately). This Aboriginal floor mat is easy to
hose clean and is fade resistant.





Dreamscape Aboriginal wall hanging

This beautiful Aboriginal wall hanging features the painting ‘Dreamscape’ by Wiradjuri artist Billyara. This artwork depicts the wealth of Aboriginal cultural beliefs that originate from the start of

creation and the Dreamtime that are hidden amongst the Australian landscape. This Aboriginal wall hanging is made from polyester velvet and is slightly padded. It measures 78cm wide x 60cm

high and includes loops for hanging. This artwork is excellent for creating a beautiful and respectful classroom.  





Coastal middens floor mat

A beautiful, Aboriginal mat featuring the artwork “Coastal Middens” by Wiradjuri artist Billyara. This Aboriginal mat measures 200cm x 100cm and features a polyester surface and a non-slip

rubber backing. Billyara explains his inspiration for this artwork as follows: “The Coastline provides an abundance of fresh food, fish were once caught in hand made nets. Our people would walk in

sequence out into the depths of the water and throw the netting into schools of fish. The catch of fish would be shared amongst the tribe along with the fresh shellfish that was collected along the

shorelines and amongst the reefs. Middens were piles of the remaining shells and bones of fish that were placed in a certain area by the people of the tribe. This was a seasonal hunting and

gathering activity and here on the Central Coast, middens can still be found as far as up in the mountains near the rock caves. These midden sites are classed as special sites as few have survived or

have been covered over time. These show what food was once found in an area by Aboriginal people and the patterns of tribes that have almost been forgotten.” 

(please note: water colour on mat is blue not aqua, please see MTA

product in link below to view true colour)





 Songline Indigenous cushions

A set of 3 Aboriginal cushions featuring artworks from Wiradjuri artist Billyara.

 Billyara describes this series as “The Songline series is a series of paintings that shows our connection to everything. Songlines are our education, they teach us about things like bush tucker,

country and animal tracks and ceremonies.” These Aboriginal cushions feature removable, polyester velvet covers and thickly padded inserts. pillows measure 50cm. Billyara explains his

inspiration for the Bush Tucker cushion as follows “As seasons change the variety of bush tucker available across the land also changes. The summer months bring a burst of citrus fruits, finger

limes, bush passionfruit and bush tomatoes. The warmer months also bring grass fires where their seeds would be spread and the land regenerated.” He describes the Country and Animal Tracks

painting as follows “The red earth across the land has imprints of animal tracks which shows hunters which way they travel. Often leading to water holes, groups of men would follow certain signs

that would lead them to their catch. Young boys would learn from an early age how to make the tools and weapons needed to be able to provide for their tribe. They would also learn from the elders

how to hunt certain animals and this is passed down once they become men. Billyara describes the Ceremonies painting as “Ceremonial grounds are distinctive areas where certain ceremonies take

place. Women and men have different sites for their business and the tribe also has common grounds for group ceremonies. Certain landscapes feature and rock art, carved trees and rocks with

symbols show these areas and each member of the tribe and visitors to that country could be warned about the area and if it was appropriate to visit.” 







Leaves over Country printed cushions 

This set of fabric Aboriginal pillows features the painting Leaves Over Country by Indigenous artist Billyara. Each of the Aboriginal pillows is made from a velvet polyester, and is super soft to

touch. Each of the 3 cushions feature the same print on the front and back of the cushion. These Aboriginal pillows measure 50cm wide x 50cm high

and feature a removable, soft foam padded insert.





Leaves over Country printed table runner

This beautiful table runner features the painting Leaves Over Country by Billyara. This cotton/polyester tablecloth measures 40cm x 150cm. 





Leaves over Country printed table cloth

A wonderful table cloth featuring the painting Leaves Over Country by Billyara. This cotton/polyester tablecloth measures 150cm x 240cm 

Also available 115cm x 160cm




Matching Memory Game Set

Featuring 28 pairs with both contemporary and traditional Aboriginal artwork this game will provide hours of fun and learning. Each disc measures 8cm in diameter and it comes in a container for

easy storage.




Sun Cycle Floor Mat

This colourful floor mat measures 100cm in diameter. The artwork depicts how Aboriginal people's existence has always revolved around the seasons.




Yarning and Learning Circle Recycled Floor Mat

This reversible mat measures 180 x 180cm and can be used both indoors or outdoors. This artwork features pathways leading in to a meeting place where knowledge and stories are shared.





Uncle Tigers Country Mat 

This large carpet features the painting Uncle Tiger's Country by Wiradjuri artist Billyara. The carpet is printed on durable rubber backed fabric. Carpet measures 100 x 200cm.



 Three Rivers Recycled Floor Mat

Made from 100% recycled plastic, this Aboriginal art playmat can beused outdoors. It is UV and water resistant and can be hosed off for an easy clean. Measures 180 x 300cm.


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