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Brett Parker “Billyara”

Being of the Wiradjuri tribe, the Murrumbidgee River People, my family lived at Brungle Mission near the Tumut River, NSW.


Billyara, an eagle,  is my totem and it stems from my connection with the land and this is how I sign my work.


My cultural journey began at a young age, growing up and  learning about my Indigenous heritage from family. As a young fulla, I was always exploring my surroundings and have always had a love for art, so after finishing school I signed up to be a part of an Indigenous Skill share course in partnership with Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council on the Central Coast NSW. That allowed me to engage and learn more about my culture by going bush with the elders and learning the processes of selecting wood and making artefacts, painting and traditional Aboriginal dance. It was then that I showed a natural talent and the elders embraced my artistic gift, of the main points was bringing back the traditions to the younger generations. Since then, I have been painting and teaching traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art for 33 years.


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I like to use my surroundings and nature to inspire me. I  have a strong connection to the land, animals and the spiritual link, with all that the Earth and elements provided through Aboriginal culture.

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Brett is so passionate about what he does and so generous in the sharing of his culture and knowledge. We were lucky enough to have him visit our centre and involve the children in stories and art experiences. We learned so much and we are looking forward to continuing our learning journey with Brett in the future as we work together to promote awareness and celebrate Indigenous culture.

-Kerry Smith

My python sculpture takes pride of place at the front of our property, welcoming visitors and proclaiming our love for snakes and Aboriginal culture. Thanks, Brett - your artwork is very cherished!

- Lynleigh Greig

Brett's created several custom pieces of artwork for me and the final product has been amazing. Couldn't have captured the essence of story any more perfectly!

- Nate Bramston

Brett is an amazing artist and his workshops are fun, engaging and interesting. The children at our centre love hearing his stories of Aboriginal culture and in particular our local area. Learning new art techniques with Brett inspired the teachers and children to further explore Indigenous culture. We still see the children using these art techniques to represent their ideas and understandings, "I'm doing Aboriginal inspired artwork" they announce with pride. Thank you Brett for the influence you have had on our centre.

-Natalie Preston

Brett Billyara Parker is an amazing artist and teacher! My students have thoroughly enjoyed creating art with Brett on many occasions, from individual artworks to collaborative projects. He is fantastic with the students, who respect his quiet and calm manner. They have enjoyed learning about Aboriginal culture through Brett's shared stories. I can't recommend Billyara Art highly enough!

- Amy Ballopoulos

Fantastic artist, does some absolutely amazing work and very swift in doing so. Cant recommend highly enough.

- Ben Burgess

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