Workshops Workshops Artstart program 2011 opening This exhibition was for the students to display the artwork that they created during the Artstart program. The Entrance gallery showcased Indigenous art by Billyara's students as well as photography and mixed media from other workshops. 172670218 A students final piece of art Artstart program 2011 172670219 Indigenous art by students at PCYC Students started the program by sketching ideas, painting step by step on art boards and then used some of their ideas to add to the mural. 172670221 Indigenous art by students at PCYC 172670226 173377928 Billyara gallery workshop 172670227 Billyara gallery workshop 172670228 BOLO program 172670233 BOLO program 172670229 BOLO program 172670230 Gosford Gallery workshop 172670335 Rock painting A students final piece of art using traditional symbols. 172670336 Niagara Park school lessons 172670338 Niagara Park school lessons 172670234 Niagara Park school lessons 172670339 Niagara Park school lessons 172670340 Niagara Park school lessons 172670342 Gallery 307 Northbridge 172670343 Gallery 307 Northbridge 172670345 Artstart workshop Life without Barriers students painted umbrellas to be used in a catwalk event at Gosford which showcased art pieces produced by students during the Artstart program. 172670348